Contact Lenses: Fitting & Advice

Buchanan Optometrists are experts in contact lenses.

Whether you are a regular wearer, or an absolute beginner, we will make it easy and help you choose a contact lens system that is personally designed to suit you.

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Are contact lenses right for me?

Contact lenses are fantastic for sports, changing the colour of your eyes, or for just giving yourself a different look from wearing spectacles all the time.

There are a huge range of contact lens options available to suit almost everyone, including those with high prescriptions and astigmatism. We can also fit specialised contact lenses for keratoconus.

What if I have never worn contact lenses before?

If you have never worn Contact Lenses before, you will need to have a Contact Lens Initial Fitting. Our contact lens fitting includes a full eye examination (which gives you a spectacle prescription too), a full eye-health check, assessment of the corneas, discussion of the most appropriate lens for you, tuition in how to handle, insert, remove and care for the contact lenses. You get to try the lenses free of charge to ensure you are able to wear contact lenses comfortably before purchasing lenses. The fitting fee also covers the follow-up appointments to ensure the lenses are just right for you.

How will I know which type of contact lenses to wear?

Our Optometrist will discuss all the lens options and help you to decide which is the best type of lens for you during your fitting, so there's no need to feel overwhelmed by the huge range of contact lenses.

Common Myths about Contact Lenses...

Contact lenses are hard to apply and remove

Relax. It might sound difficult at first, but the staff at Buchanan Optometrists can teach you how. Once properly shown, you will be excited by how easy it is.

Contact lenses are uncomfortable

Not true. When properly fitted to suit your eyes, contact lenses can provide comfortable vision correction, year in, year out.

Contact lenses can pop out of my eyes

Untrue. Advances in contact lens technology means properly fitted and prescribed lenses are extremely stable and stay in place most of the time.

Contact lenses could get lost behind my eyes

Impossible. A thin membrane covers your eye connects to the insides of your eyelids. So the lenses will always stay where they should be.

Contact lenses can cause eye problems

Rarely. If you are a conscientious wearer. Although contact lens related problems can occur, they are rare and most likely result from improper wearing or caring for your lenses. Our optometrist and staff will provide valuable information and advice to ensure you are aware of the right way to apply, remove and care for your lenses. An annual contact lens check will help to make sure your lenses are performing well and your eyes stay healthy.

Contact lenses are too much trouble to care for

No longer true. One-step contact lens care systems make cleaning and disinfecting your lenses easy. With single use or overnight contact lenses, there'svirtually no work for you at all.

Contact lenses are expensive

False. The cost of contact lenses can be comparable to vision correction with glasses. Given the added benefits and flexibilty of contact lenses, they certainly represent value for money.

We can supply your contact lenses and deliver them by courier post as long as you have had a contact lens assessment within the last year.


Are there any risks to wearing contact lenses?

Yes. Badly fitting contact lenses can cause damage to the cornea (the front of the eye) and so increases the risk of eye infections and damage. We advise an annual contact lens check if you are a contact lens wearer to assess the corneal health and to ensure that your eyes remain healthy.

Contact lenses should not be purchased without a valid prescription from a registered optometrist. Buying non prescribed contact lenses from non-regulated internet sites could cause damage to your eyes.




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