Contact Lenses: Information Sheet

Thank you for buying contact lenses from Buchanan Optometrists.

We hope that you enjoy wearing your new lenses. Your contact lenses are provided by New Zealand contact lens suppliers and are guaranteed against lens faults.

Buchanan Optometrists offers discounts for bulk buying:

  • 10% discount for 6 months supply
  • 20% discount for 12 months supply

If boxes are unmarked and unopened, they can be exchanged if the prescription changes.


Caring for Your Eyes

Putting a contact lens on to your eye is not without risk. Contact lens wearers are more likely to get eye infections than non contact lens wearers.


To reduce risk of contact lens complications:
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before inserting / removing lenses

  • Always use the cleaning solution recommended to you, and dispose of expired solutions.

  • Only ever use the lens case that is supplied with the solution and use a new lens case each month. Over time, bio-film grows on the bottom of lens cases and this can increase the risk of eye infection. Using a new case each month means that bio-film growth is minimal.

  • Rub the lenses to clean the lenses. Rubbing the lens removes protein and lipid build up, and so reduces the food source for bacteria and reduce risk of eye infection and will improve lens comfort.

  • Never store lenses in water or home made solutions. Bacteria in tap water can penetrate the contact lens and then are ready to invade the cornea.

  • Don’t sleep in contact lenses (unless you are instructed that it is safe for you to do so by your optometrist). Sleeping in contact lenses significantly increases the risk of contact lens wear complications.  

  • If the contact lenses feel uncomfortable, take them out, clean them and try again. If they are still uncomfortable try a new pair. If still no improvement, book in to see us for advice.

  • ​Wear your spectacles on long haul flights to minimise risk of contact lens infection

When you need more lenses please ring 03 341 4850 to order more. Alternatively click here to order more lenses.

Contact lens wear increases the risks of corneal problems. As a contact lens wearer we advise that you should have a contact lens check at least every year. This ensures that you are not causing damage to your eyes, and is also an opportunity to keep up to date with newer contact lens products as they become available.



Buchanan Optometrists Ltd optometry practice in Christchurch is located at Church Corner within the Riccarton Clinic. As an independent optical practice we have the freedom to use suppliers that provide the best service and products to you.

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