Eye Conditions

Buchanan Optometrists expertly assess your eye health during a consultation, helping you to manage any eye conditions which may arise.

We recommend that most people have a comprehensive eye examination every two years. If there is a family history of glaucoma or if you suffer with diabetes, or want to monitor an existing eye condition, then a yearly eye examination may be more appropriate.

Buchanan Optometrists have invested in the most up to date and accurate optometric equipment to enable early detection of any eye disease. We have a retinal camera and a Zeiss OCT.  The retinal camera is able to take a scan of the inside of the eye without the use of an eye drop to dilate the pupils. The OCT machine enables us to scan the optic nerve and detect any early signs of disease. The scans, from both machines, are stored and allow comparisons of subtle changes over time, which is useful for monitoring eye disease.

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Buchanan Optometrists Ltd optometry practice in Christchurch is located at Church Corner within the Riccarton Clinic. As an independent optical practice we have the freedom to use suppliers that provide the best service and products to you.

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