Dry Eye / Blepharitis

Many people suffer from dry eye. At Buchanan Optometrists Christchurch we take a special interest in this common and under-diagnosed complaint.

Symptoms can vary from mild, where the eyes just feel tired, to more severe where the eyes are very sore, red and irritated.

Often environmental factors play a large role in causing dry eye.
  • Heat pumps and air-conditioning can dry the eyes, so avoiding use where possible can reduce some symptoms.
  • Drinking plenty of water and reducing alcohol intake will reduce dry eye symptoms, as it will help to increase the volume of tears available.
  • Omega-3 oils reduce inflammation and improve the protective oily layer of the tear film, reducing evaporation of the tears.
In conjunction to the above, our optometrist will be able to advise you on the most suitable eye drops or ointment to improve your dry eye symptoms.

We can Treat Blepharitis or Dry Eye

Crusting of the eyelashes caused by Blepharitis

Blepharitis and Dry Eye

Often dry eye is a symptom caused by inflammation of the eye lid margins (Blepharitis). In blepharitis, the lubricating quality of the tears is reduced, often causing dry, gritty or stinging eyes.

We can treat blepharitis using eye lid washes, warm compresses or an eye pack, and in certain cases antibiotics.

Don't suffer in silence. If your eyes are uncomfortable, please come and see our optometrist who can advise you on ways to make things better.

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This informative Dry Eye video from the Eye Center is worth a watch
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