Your Eyesight

It is important to us that you understand the outcomes of your vision test and why we recommend the eye care and eyewear for you that we do.

That is why all aspects of your eye examination are explained, and all relevant results are discussed with you in terms that you can understand.

It is all part of our ongoing commitment to providing our clients with high quality, personalised eyecare and service.

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The EyeEye cross section

The eye is a complex structure (as shown by the adjoining image) and so there are many things that could go wrong.

The optometrists at Buchanan Optometrists have each undertaken more than four years University study in order to comprehensively investigate and evaluate the health of your eyes and to decide the appropriate management.


Eye Health

Unfortunately a number of eye conditions are not reversible and so it is important to regularly monitor the health of the eye, and where possible take action to prevent any damage occurring.

Very simply, a healthy lifestyle with good eye protection from the sun and foreign objects will reduce your chances of eye damage.

Most eye diseases do not cause any pain or symptoms until significant damage has occurred to the eyes. For this reason we recommend that people should have a regular eye exam, at least every 2 years, even if you do not want to change your glasses.

Early detection of eye disease is important for the team at Buchanan Optometrists. So they have invested in the most modern and accurate optometric equipment to ensure each person is cared for thoroughly.


We want our clients to feel that they are informed participants in maintaining their eye health, through monthly informative Newsletters, Facebook posts and detailed descriptions on this website.

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Buchanan Optometrists Ltd optometry practice in Christchurch is located at Church Corner within the Riccarton Clinic. As an independent optical practice we have the freedom to use suppliers that provide the best service and products to you.

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